"... for it is in giving that we receive... -St. Francis of Assisi


Phase II.   With news of our facility closing at year end, 2019, a few volunteers are in discussions to provide sandwiches and drinks one Saturday a month at two locations (1JOHN 3:2). This effort will require significant planning and prep. Please follow us here to learn more about needed financial and physical support.  


Continuing Operations.   While we continue through year-end,  kitchen volunteers are primarily needed two days weekly: 

  • Friday
    8:15am to 10:30am
    Prepare the meal offered to guests on Saturday

  • Saturday
    9:00am to 1:00pm
    Serve the main meal, salads, and desserts to our guests; refill drinks; clean and reset tables as new guests arrive

        Volunteer Guidelines:

  • To volunteer, please email us at cricketjd at comcast.net.
  • We confirm volunteer dates and limit the number of volunteers for each session.
  • Volunteers must be aged 15 and older.
  • Community Service Hour forms can be provided as needed.
  • Groups wishing to volunteer must contact us in advance to be placed on the calendar.
  • We are not able to accept court-mandated persons for service.
  • If we are fully booked, we may not be able to accept volunteers. Don't worry; alternative dates are available.
  • Food is served to guests only on Saturdays.


Financial contributions support the ongoing operation of the Soup Kitchen and are gratefully accepted.

Checks should be made to St. Francis Soup Kitchen and sent to our new address below. Please provide a return address so that an acknowledgment letter and receipt for tax purposes can be sent.

St. Francis Soup Kitchen
P. O. Box 351616
Jacksonville, Florida 32235

Contribute Clothing.

Clean, second-hand street and workforce clothing is needed year-round. Because our supplies vary, please email us in advance about the items you would like to donate. Because we are closing the downtown operation at year-end, we are limiting what we will accept.  

"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home." -Mother Teresa